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Analysis, interrogation and forensic investigation of computers, rebuilding deleted files, emails, images etc - and all carried out by us, in-house Telephone 01276 805275 or email Anything we discuss will be in confidence

Computer forenisics IT investigation

Evidence uncovered from a computer is solid and irrefutable - it is a matter of mathematics. Our analysis - based first on cloning the hard drive to leave the original unit intact - will recover files that have been deleted, images, emails, messenger transcripts together with a timeline that shows when the events occurred

Many users make the mistake of thinking that by hitting a key a file is deleted, therefore covering their tracks; we will rebuild such files or documents, restoring them to their original form

The results will be presented to you on an external hard drive in a readable format, or we can interrogate the information for you. Answers Investigation are a rarity in that we retain such expertise in-house - an advantage in integrating all aspects of investigation holistically

We are a leading forensic companies in the UK & will be pleased to discuss any matter with you. Call us on 01276 805275 or make an initial inquiry by emailing us

Corporate Investigation camberley & surrey

Working Nationally, we are local Investigators for Business sited in Camberley. It is our job to solve your business headache

Private Investigation

Answers Investigation provide a discreet resolution to difficult personal issues such as infidelity in Camberley and further afield


Process Servers & much more, our support to legal firms with such as the computer forensic issues discussed on this page is invaluable


Fingerprinting is a reliable evidential tool for proving the culprit in an issue of wrongdoing, admissable in court and undeniable

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Our reputation is enviable, however don't just take our word for it - read some of the many press, radio and on TV features about our work and company

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