Corporate Investigation

Investigation within a business of fraud and employee misdemeanours. Call 01276 805275 and we will talk the matter through with you - or email Everything talked about remains confidential

Corporate Investigation camberley

Commercial Investigation in Camberley & Surrey of employees, fraud, computer forensics, resolving many of the more uncommon problems for business owners

Employee problems Camberley

The employees of a company are very much the backbone of a business, however on occasions the damage that can be caused by an errant or long term absent member of staff can be catastrophic

surveillance Camberley

Surveillance is handled discreetly, gaining information and evidence without the subject being aware, a significant advantage in Camberley given our local presence

computer investigation Camberley

We will unravel and restore deleted files from a computer, revealing everything the machine has done and been used for - documents

tracing people Camberley

Finding people is one of our specialities, identifying the correct person through specialised data research and physical inquiry


Fingerprinting for Vcriminal records checks, verified by the FBI & other worldwide bodies, and fingerprints revealed for evidence

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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