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Fingerprinting for proving evidence and Fingerprint recording for Criminal Record Checks. To arrange an appointment, call 01276 805275 or you can send an email to Anything we discuss will be in confidence

Corporate Investigation camberley & surrey

Fingerprinting is a key evidential tool; Answers Investigation have an integral fingerprint facility. We can process prints externally, and record evidence on-scene using portable crime scene equipment


Many people in the UK who have worked abroad need a criminal records clearance for CFTC, FINRA, FBI & other applications . For your convenience, we will visit you, or you can arrange an appointment at a nearby site


An employee accessing sensitive information or documents that they are not allowed to see? Perhaps someone has attempted to force entry into a restricted area (filing cabinet, office, desk etc)

Involving the Police may be cumbersome and cause an HR dilemma; we will resolve the matter eidentially with hard evidence


Malicious Mail is emotionally cruel, regardless of contents. Proving who the perpetrator is will give peace of mind, and will be evidenced sufficiently for prosecution, if required

Corporate Investigation camberley & surrey

Camberley and the M3 are prime business areas, often with difficulties needing corporate investigation, in conjunction with fingerprint evidence

Private Investigation

A personal problem arising from a breakdown of trust is not the end of the world when our evidence gives you the information you need


While many legal firms use our fingerprint facility to provide a solution for their clients, we also have a full raft of legal support services

Computer Investigation & IT Forensics camberley & surrey

A computer is a machine, not a human entity; consequently it is a mathematical device which our computer forensic expertise can unravel

Private Investigator fingerprinting Olivia Ellenger Surrey Advertiser

A local newspaper article about the forensic and fingerprint work responsibilities of Private Investigator Olivia Ellenger

Private Investigator Media articles

More press coverage of our work, not just of fingerprinting but of many private investigation cases and experiences

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