Tracing People

Expert tracers who find people. Telephone 01276 805275 ( or Email ) and tell us about who you are trying to find

Tracing people locating missing persons

We find people - and not just find them, but identify the correct one. It may be for reasons of adoption - finding birth parents or adopted children, to track down an errant debtor / ex-tenant, or just someone you ahve lost contact with

Not every case is straightforward - for example in finding the beneficiaries of a will where the information is sparse, or tracking down someone who is homeless - but by using a combination of research and physical enquiry we will get there

Some cases have little information - such as just a christian name - but this does not mean it is not possible. Call us and talk to us

Corporate Investigation camberley & surrey

Tracing and locating people for business - possibly a debt absconder or in association with a corporate investigation


Finding people for firms of solicitors for many reasons, including service of legal papers and tracing beneficiaries

Private Investigation

Tracing people and more on behalf of personal clients for reasons of adoption, or simply getting back in contact with someone you have lost

Private Investigator

"searching the world for answers"

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